Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here's the stace-daawg low down for the current situation/point in time.
I am back at MCC taking the rest of the pre-requisite classes for Physical therapy school, the poopy part about that is a couple poopy parts actually. I really 
REALLY hate MCC, it's like being back in high school all over again. Ugh!! Anyways hopefully it will be a relatively stress-free semester full of easy A's.

Since I had to wait to enroll at MCC, and wait to start the application process for physical therapy programs until I was enrolled in all of my classes, I now have to apply for the 2010 school year instead of August 2009. Most of the application deadlines for August of '09 have already passed as of now, so it was pretty much a catch-22 from the beginning. SO it looks like I will be finding a big girl job and work full time for the next year to save up money in hopes of being less in debt upon completion of my PT degree (assuming I get into school somewhere). Since I will be working full time, I am also moving back out 
of my parents house with some fun girls. (yay!)  

Jamie will hate me for this, but I finally died my hair all dark... no highlights, and all of it is reeally dark. I figured I've always wanted to see what life was like as a brunette and you only live once right? Well needless to say, my dad STRONGLY disagrees with my decision, he hates it. My mom isn't too fond either... apparently they think blondes have more fun. Or maybe since they're pretty scared I'll never get married they think dark hair is hurting my chances even more... who knows. Dang those mormon marriage norms. I am definitely "old maid" in mormon years.

Speaking of mormons, most of my LDS friends are married... which leads to a lack of good friends to hang with on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, I have TONS of amazing non-member friends that I wouldn't trade for anything, but I want to finally get my act all the way back together and live my life truly the way I should... this is something that has been haunting me for a while now, and something I need to just do. I've been making a much bigger effort to meet new friends and expand my horizons and have come across some awesome new friends in the process.. A couple weekends ago a bunch of us went up to a cabin for a night, we played games all night and went for a hike and played a game of football in the morning. It was so fun! I know that I had a little outside help in finding this group of friends and for that I am truly grateful, I need all the help I can get!

And that way more than I planned to talk about...
Anyways, that's the 411 update for now...
I'll try to keep this a little more updated in the future so keep tuning in... same bat time, same bat channel

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